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Dec. 9, 2020

004 - How I turned my hobby into a six figure business with Opeoluwa Bamiro

004 - How I turned my hobby into a six figure business with Opeoluwa Bamiro
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#004 -This serial entrepreneur started out living her passion as an interior designer but through determination and focus turned this one passion into an entire value chain of services out of lack of readily available suppliers 

Today she sits at the head of a group of companies with a skills and trades academy in partnership[ with government agencies in Nigeria.

Ope shares the challenges she faced starting out as a female in a male-dominated industry, losing clients, being broke, and what it has taken to prove her worth by breaking the norm and standing out.  

She talks about the power of having a mentor and the importance of self-leadership development and how these contributed to strengthening her resolve to push on.

She addresses the questions about discovering and fulfilling purpose, this is one interview you do not want to miss.

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