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Dec. 11, 2020

005 - How to land the job of your dreams with Ovie Ukeko

005 - How to land the job of your dreams with Ovie Ukeko
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#005 - On today’s show, I have Ovie Ukeko who originally started as an Investigations Team Lead at CIBC and now Manager, AML High-Risk Projects also at CIBC discuss with me some of the challenges new immigrants to Canada face, how he was able to overcome them and the top 3 things that were critical to his success. 

He mentions these challenges are mostly due to us being stuck in our minds as to how the job search and hiring process should be, based on our previous learned model. 

He shares insights on why most struggle in their job search and the strategy he adopted to mitigate against it, put his best foot forward to achieve optimal results in his search, and how you can do the same.

We further delve into how you can hack the hiring process by positioning yourself such that you are literally being headhunted by hiring managers based on some tips and tricks he learned while in the trenches.

How you can secure and maximize information meetings with hiring managers, show you are the most suitable candidate for the job, and even get them to refer you to other hiring managers just because you have shown you are that good. And finally, Ovie shares a practical application of how you can once again set yourself apart using the STAR model.

So if you are looking to change your current job or are preparing for an important interview I guarantee this is one of those episodes you absolutely do not want to miss. And if you know this would absolutely be of value to someone you know pls go ahead and share with them.

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