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Dec. 26, 2020

007 - 8 Gaps That Rob Us of Success Part 2

007 - 8 Gaps That Rob Us of Success Part 2
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#007 - I started down the path of self-improvement and personal growth out of a strong desire to be able to live a fulfilling life without lack and want. I knew I could be much more than I was but I didn’t know how and that made me feel out of control of my life. It just felt like life was happening to me and I had absolutely no control. 

In this two-part episode, I show you a peek into one of my group coaching sessions with a select group of clients where I share some value bombs

What you will learn:

  • How to find your purpose in life
  • The law of Diminishing Intent
  • Whether you are building your life and or career on hope
  • The Power of Mentorship
  • Gaps between what we know and what we do
  • How not to let fear and self-judgment of our past hold us back from taking actions on our plans
  • The Gaps we get caught in 
  • How to act our way into feeling
  • How to apply luck as a strategy for Success