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June 3, 2021

013 - Exclusive: New Name Same Focus - How We are Positioning for Growth

013 - Exclusive: New Name Same Focus - How We are Positioning for Growth
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#013 - After 3 months since the last released episode of the League of Icons podcast, I share the reason for the gift of those 90 days of time and space, and what is hot, new, and upcoming on the show.

The topics covered on a high level included:

Re-aligning Purpose - ensuring what we do in terms of content and activity is at the core of our predetermined overall purpose. Melissa West, founder of Xtreme Coaching over a period of Twelve weeks helped me have this all dialed in. I even became a Certified Blueprint for Success Facilitator.

Evaluation of our 90 Day Podcast Journey -  The insights gathered lead to the complete redesign of the podcast website in order to help strengthen the brand and provide a seamless and rewarding experience for members of my tribe League Nation as they engage with the contents on the website. Even as we embark on the next phase of the journey.

Memberships - The desire to build a structured membership made me sign up for Tribe Experience 2021 led by Stu Mclaren, an absolute genius when it comes to building memberships. This would enable us to create a clearly defined success path of how we intend to help move members of our tribe, community, or inner circle from one point to the other in their journey of transformation for as many that are willing to engage in a deeper, structured and result-oriented way. 

This is also in alignment with providing a community of like-minded individuals for connection and collaboration

Content Delivery - some structural changes we have made to the delivery of the individual episodes so that the content is easily consumed and not add up to the already overwhelming amount of resources available on the internet.

I must confess it's been an exciting last six months looking back and I am super ecstatic at the new updates and changes we are introducing in terms of structure, method, and content delivery. I want to encourage you to hit the subscribe button and subscribe to the show so you don't miss the fresh new content we have coming your way.

I am glad to be back!!

Let's build this League Nation

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