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June 10, 2021

014 - Iconic Life Podcast as A Brand - Website Launch

014 - Iconic Life Podcast as A Brand - Website Launch
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014 - In this episode I share in-depth, some structural changes that have been made in terms of Content Delivery - specifically how the individual episodes are delivered and the user experience as it relates to engagement and consumption.

We did not exactly have a name for the show and based on our review of the last six months, and the plans we are putting in place to position us for growth. We figured it was high time we separated the podcast as a brand, from the mother brand itself and that's what we're trying to achieve here so the podcast now has a name of its own, its Iconic life Podcast as a separate brand from the League of icons as the mother brand, and so that's what we have here

I unveil the new name for the podcast as well as a newly designed user-friendly website and a new website address: