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June 24, 2021

016 - You May Be Making These 5 Mistakes

016 - You May Be Making These 5 Mistakes
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#016 -  Having given up everything in search of a new start and placing a bet on myself and my ability to make it, I reassured myself continually that I hadn't come this far to live an average life. 

In this episode, I detail the 5 paralyzing mistakes  I quickly realized and needed help with after arriving in Canada. If you are just like me you may be making the very same mistakes and wondering why the needle isn't moving in the direction you are hoping to go. 

Armed with a clear goal of being financially independent; upon arriving here in Canada these top 5 challenges I faced in the early years as a newcomer professional almost derailed  my focus

You need to stop and take stock...

Hope you enjoy the episode!