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Oct. 9, 2021

021 - Birthing The Promise, The 17year Journey with Yemisi Elegbede

021 - Birthing The Promise, The 17year Journey with Yemisi Elegbede
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In this "not so typical" episode of the Iconic Life Podcast follow Yemisi Elegbede through this gripping chronicle of how she moved from waiting for 17 and half years, countless negative pregnancy test results, grim medical diagnosis, the deep yearning for children to becoming parents of a lovely set of twins (a boy and a girl). 

She shares the process, the principles of God's Word, and how they stood fast regardless of the tears, the pains, the disappointment.

This episode will help you understand practical discipline, persistence, and visualization. Success in life is a requirement and it is based on principles. Giving up never gets the results.  Every minute of this interview would help you learn the difference between passively hoping for a desire and actively taking hold of that desire.

Birthing the Promise will boost your faith, stir you up and move you from days and nights of tears to take a hold of your victory.

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