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The podcast is great for motivating, and focusing on improving your health and wellness! Overall very informative and helpful

I learn from every episode

The podcast are very inspiring and insightful, the real nature each guest pour out their convictions brings the stories of success real to me, I can connect on each one and always a lesson to take from each one, keep up the good work.

A Podcast with meaning

I love the quality of your podcast and the storytelling element… all the fine details are evident and helps it stand out. It’s captivating and leaves you wanting to listen to the end.


This podcast is one I listen to and it has been very interesting and educational. Keep it up

Awesome insights!

So happy to have a podcast that focuses on immigrant stories from the perspective of the immigrant and not just allies. The nuggets and gems that Sam and his guests share are so profound and illustrative, they are like light in the dark. Loyal subscriber, waiting for more awesome stuff!!

Thought provoking!!!

Thank you for unveiling possibilities I never thought possible.